Sunday, February 14, 2010

Religion In The News

**The arsons of East Texas' churches continue. Pray for the communities that have been victimized and for a quick capture of the arsonist(s).

**Why are 20 and 30-something leaving the Baptist Church?  This article says they know why, though I would disagree with her on how to solve the issue.

**The US Bishops' guidelines on end of life care have changed.  This is good news considering the recent study that shows that the brain works more than what was originally thought in persons who have comas and are in a "vegetative" state.

**Who was St. Valentine???

**Praying for those that have wronged you increases forgiveness.  Science "proves" it.
Do we really need studies like this?

**The ACLU is after a college instructor who talked about Christianity as being true.  I wonder if they would do the same if he was a Muslim or Jewish?


Alex said...

I guess I don't really see anything to disagree with in the article about the Baptist church. It actually looks like pretty non-controversial, common-sense stuff. On the other hand there is nothing too ground-breaking about it.

The question for us is what can we do to ensure that as many as possible of the people who leave these evangelical churches join the Catholic Church instead of becoming atheists or "spiritual but not religious."

What's interesting is that the meteoric rise of the evangelical churches in America has paralleled the stumbling of the Catholic Church. All of us ought to recognize that they've done a good job holding down the fort while we've been distracted with internal bickering and in some extreme cases, outright abandonment of the truth. Now that we are (I hope) starting to rebuild ourselves, brick by brick as Fr. Z would say, I think from a Catholic perspective you could dare to say that God's plan for the evangelical churches is getting to closer to the point of having run its course. They've done a lot of great things for the country and for the world, and brought people closer to Christ. Now it's time for them to come home. As greater numbers of evangelicals join the Catholic Church, this rebuilding process will go faster because of the gifts they bring to the Church, and as we continue to rebuild ourselves, more evangelicals (and hopefully other people too) will enter or return to the Church. 20-30 years from now we will either look at the past 30 years as a positive turning point for the church, or a lost opportunity.

Marcel said...

My solution wouldn't be to reform the evangelical churches, but to have them enter the Catholic Church. That is the final solution.