Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Round-Up

The first weekend of Lent is past already and here are some items you might be interested in:

**The Astros #1 fan, a religious sister, has died.

**An abortion doctor in Arkansas says he "welcomes" the 40 Days for Life protesters.  Pray for him.

**Here is one bishop who is engaging culture in a way that shoots straight to the heart.

**CMR has America's next top (role) model.

**Msgr. Charles Pope asks - what makes someone an anti-Catholic bigot?

**I have been watching the Olympics and admit they can be a lot of fun.  But, I have to agree with some writers (this is my personal opinion and you are free to disagree) that certain sports don't belong in the Olympics.  For example - if you don't have to exert yourself (curling anyone?) or if medals are awarded because of subjective judging alone (ice dancing), then is it really a sport. No, I am not saying I could compete in either...and I know that other sports might not make the cut depending on how we define "sport".  Then again, if poker can be considered a "sport" and be on ESPN - then why not Olympic blogging or texting?
FYI - I don't mind disagreement, if you comment on my comments, but keep them nice.

**Something else I don't understand.  How a guy can buy a "virtual" island for tens of thousands of real dollars and make money off it.

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Gert said...

A topic which invites disagreement? Different. Curling requires intense physical exertion and precise control. Ever watch those sweepers? I have heard that Curling is one of the most watched of all the sports. But in all honesty, I cannot watch it for more than five minutes. It is pretty boring.