Monday, February 22, 2010

Guest Bloggers - St. Mary's Interns

I am glad to announce that our three Campus Ministry Interns will be each blogging at least once a week for the remainder of Lent. To get you acquainted with them, I will give you a brief introduction to each:

Stephanie Curtis.
Stephanie graduated from Texas A&M last year with a degree in education.  She is currently discerning the religious life and plans on continuing her discernment with the Apostles of the Interior Life this next year.

Chris Smith.
Chris is a Senior who will graduate in May with a degree in Marketing.  Chris grew up in College Station and is planning on spending a year doing mission work after he graduates - most likely with NET Ministries.

Kevin Pesek.
Kevin will also graduate in May, but with a degree in History.  Kevin is currently engaged and will be moving to Houston this summer and begin graduate studies in Theology.

FYI- if you are interested in applying to be an intern for 2010-2011 and will be a senior of grad student in the fall of 2010, applications are currently open.

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