Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti Update - More Prayers Needed

I asked yesterday for prayers for my sister-in-law's husband, a doctor, who flew to Haiti to try and help.  He is very frustrated with the situation right now.  Please pray for him.  Here is an update:
The team landed in Jacmel this morning about 11:30. Jacmel has one main road in and out of the city which has been cut off completely so there has been minimal response to this area. Dave is able to text me and said things are so much worse than anticipated. So many broken, with hospital which is completely nonfunctional. The Canadians, who are already there along with the UN, are flying in a portable OR within the next couple of days, so the team will be triaging patients today and tomorrow in anticipation of the OR arriving and being able to start operating.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY, and pass this information on.

As I was writing this Dave called on the satellite phone. They are in desperate need of more orthopedic supplies and operating room equipment, and any air transport to drop it. If you are reading this and have any connections that maybe of service to the in Jacmel, please call me at 281-808-1326. They are in a very isolated area but there is an operating runway at the airport
Some other news from Haiti:
**Cruise ships still visiting Haiti (in heavily guarded private beaches)? Yup.  I find it revolting, even if they are bringing some "aid".  True aid would be allowing Haitians to sleep on-board or to work as an off-shore hospital...

**Please ask Venerable Pierre Toussaint, born a slave in Haiti, to pray for his homeland.

**Haiti has many needs right now - food, water, basic health care, shelter, etc.  Planned Parenthood thinks they need contraception and condoms, so they are asking for donations to provide such basic things...wow.

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