Thursday, January 21, 2010

Benedict XVI on Abortion

"Children have the right to be born and to grow in the midst of a family founded on matrimony, where the parents are the first educators of children in the faith and where they can grow to full human and spiritual maturity,"
"Children are the major richness and the most precious good of a family. For this reason, it is necessary to help all people to be aware that the intrinsic evil of the crime of abortion, which attacks human life at its beginning, is also an aggression against society itself,"
"Relations between States and within States are just in so far as they respect the truth....When, however, the truth is offended, peace is threatened and rule of law is compromised, then, as a logical consequence, injustices arise."

"These injustices can adopt many faces. For example, the face of disinterest or disorder, which can even go so far as to damage the structure of that founding cell of society that is the family; or perhaps the face of arrogance that can lead to abuse, silencing those without a voice or without the strength to make themselves heard, as happens in the case of today's gravest injustice, that which suppresses nascent human life."
To women who have had abortions:
“Do not let yourselves be consumed by discouragement and do not abandon hope. Know how to understand, rather, that which has happened and interpret it in its truth....If you have not already done so, open yourselves with humility and confidence to repentance: The Father of all mercy awaits you to offer you his forgiveness and his peace in the sacrament of Reconciliation. You can offer your child to the same Father and his mercy.”

“Only in the attitude of merciful love, can we draw near and bring succor and allow the victims to stand up and return to the journey of existence.”

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