Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Mania

**In a crazy encroachment of the right to worship as we choose (as well as parental rights), a judge has put a restraining order on a father who wants to take his child to church.  I just wish this were a joke.

**If this ever happens in the US, you might be sending me to jail as well:
At least eight Russo-German families in Salzkotten, Germany, have suffered heavy fines and now their fathers have been sentenced to prison, because they have refused to send their elementary school-age children to mandatory sexual education classes.
**A former lay campus minister here at St. Mary's, Katie, is now Sr. Kathleen.  There is a nice picture of her at the bottom of this page.

**Even deer know that Christmas hasn't come yet and we are still in Advent. That is why this deer went into revolt and started taking down all-too-early Christmas lights:


Alex said...

I don't see the first story as a violation of parental rights, nor as a violation of religious freedom. It is a court doing a clumsy job of resolving a dispute between two divorced parents. More than anything, I see it as a great demonstration of why divorce is so harmful for kids.

It's not like the court just came out of the blue to two ordinary happily married parents and said they couldn't take their kid to church.

St Mary's Students said...

Katie is now Sister Constance, actually. The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia refer to their postulants as "Sister [first name]" -- she was previously called Sister Kathleen. There is a picture of her on the sisters' website: under "Reception of the Dominican Habit 2009", fifth one down.