Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Interview With Former Bryan Planned Parenthood Director

Our Sunday Visitor has a good interview with Abby Johnson, the former Director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan.  I was happy to help connect the author of this article, Valerie Schmalz, with The Coalition for Life, who set up the interview.  Here is a snip.

OSV: Did you feel when you were working as director of Planned Parenthood that you had faith then?

Johnson: Yes, I did, but I think that I was always trying to rationalize my work and my faith, and I was trying to make it fit.

One thing that I’ve said throughout this whole thing is that there’s no spirituality in abortion because there really can’t be. It’s very hard to justify what you’re doing if you’re a Christian. You try to make it fit, you try to make it work, but in the end it just really doesn’t wash. So that’s why, I think, God was in this the whole time, and he is the one who led me out of there.

OSV: What does your husband think? He had to go through some transformation through all of this, right?

Johnson: Yes, he’s very excited. Of course, he supported me. He’s my husband, and he’s wonderful, but he’s never really been sold on Planned Parenthood or their mission. Both of our families, my in-laws and parents, definitely have never been [supporters of Planned Parenthood]. I was the lone wolf out there defending Planned Parenthood to my friends and family, so it feels good. It feels good to stop defending something that’s just not true. And it feels good to be on the side of truth.

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