Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Headlines

*Even Buddhists have violent extremists.

*When you have no God, you create one that will fit your view.  Since radical environmentalism is so popular, it should be no surprise that more and more people have decided to worship the earth again.  Thus, humans become a plague on the earth that need to be disposed of.

*More people need to be politically engaged NOW or we are going to have abortion rammed into our "health care" very soon.

*I FULLY SUPPORT THIS PROJECT.  We need more Catholics engaging culture, just as Fr. Barron does.

*Ignatius Press is having a sale.  Time to buy books.


forenglandjames said...

With regards to overpopulation, should Catholics be conscious of family size at all? What is your take on the need to stunt family sizes to ensure the world does not fall into a state of chaos with famines, lack of water etc?

Marcel said...

Overpopulation is a myth.