Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update From Coalition for Life

I got this email from Shawn Carney, Executive Director of the Coalition for Life.

After Planned Parenthood sent their press release about their former director in Bryan leaving the media frenzy has gone national.

See the story on Fox News:


Abby's story and change of heart has inspired more than anyone could have imagined and she has been overwhelmed with the love and support you have shown. Your prayers are working!

The Coalition for Life had planned to release the news about her change of heart in December but Planned Parenthood beat us to it.

Today, Abby is scheduled to be on the Laura Ingraham Show at 10:15am central(or you can hear it tonight on WTAW 1620) and the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News later this week.

Abby has been all over national news and has handled it with her deep faith in Christ that gave her the courage to leave the abortion industry. She said, "I simply had a change of heart after what I saw and just wanted to find another job. I never expected this to happen but I trust God that it is just part of His plan."

In Christ,

Shawn Carney
Executive Director


Alex said...

Just a heads up. This is going to be the pro-abortion response to this story, basically that Abby is just a disgruntled employee who was going to get fired anyway and she didn't really make a sincere conversion to the pro-life side.


Alex said...

Here's another on the same lines.


Disappointing if actually true. Hopefully they're just trying to cover themselves.

Marcel said...

It should be expected that they would do anything they can to discredit her.