Monday, October 19, 2009

You Should Read

A list of things you should read:

**Cardinal George's interview in the National Catholic Register.  It has loads of good stuff on the Catholic Church's future and influence in the USA.  He touches on healthcare, pro-life issues, evangelization, etc.

**Archbishop Chaput's reflection on Catholic charities.  Here is a snip to whet your appetite.
The mission of Catholic Charities and all Catholic social ministries is not humanitarian but religious—to proclaim by our words and deeds the love that God has shown to the world in Jesus Christ. The spiritual and corporal works of mercy are not an option for the Church. They are a duty. Nor are they a generic act of kindness. They are a form of distinctly Catholic witness.

Today, more urgently than ever, those of us who are Catholic need to recover a gospel hunger to help the homeless, the disabled, and the immigrant. We need to deepen the professional skills in our charitable services; we need to offer our gifts to the world—and we need to be committed Catholics first. We need to love and serve the poor; we need to thirst for social justice—and we need to remember that the poorest of the poor is the unborn child who cries out for our protection. There can be no social justice while the weakest and most innocent among us are legally killed.
**Bishop Zubik of the Diocese of Pittsburgh has written his first pastoral letter to his diocese.  He is calling the diocese back to the basics.

**Bishop Nickless of Sioux City also has a pastoral letter.  His letter is about the proper implementation of Vatican II and how it has been misappropriated in many quarters of the Church.  The quote below, among others, has some up in arms:
The so-called “spirit” of the Council has no authoritative interpretation. It is a ghost or demon that must be exorcised if we are to proceed with the Lord’s work.
**The threat of pornography to children.  This study shows the link that pornography has to the exploitation of children.

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