Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Stuff

A bunch of links collected from all over:

-Killing for organs. The culture of death lives on.

-An Italian Scientist (with an agenda) reproduces the Shroud of Turin.  I echo Mark Shea's comments.

-Sherry Weddell gives us the details on why Christianity is booming in Asia.

-Continuing the discussion on Authority that Fr. Barron started with his video I posted last week, several links might be of interest:
          -An article entitled "If No One is Pope, Everyone Is Pope"
          -Insight Scoop has a great discussion on authority in the combox.  Check it out.

-A great story on a priest who will be receiving the Medal of Honor.

-It was reported recently that the Queen of England is not happy with the direction the Church of England is heading.  So, Fr. Dwight, a former Anglican, has some suggestions.

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