Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Day of True Beauty

A facebook event has sprouted up on the A&M campus that I fully support - it is called "A Day of True Beauty".  Here is the description:
A Day of True Beauty is a chance for the women of Texas A&M to show how beautiful they really are. The goal is for every woman to come to school or work on the A&M campus wearing no makeup and wearing their hair naturally. Yes, this means no products or styling devices used.

The purpose of this day is for women all over campus to stand up and say that they are beautiful, regardless of what they are wearing and what product they are using, to say we are beautiful exactly the way we are.

In today's society so much importance is placed on the way people, and women in particular look. We have been altering our appearances for generations to improve on our natural beauty. What does this say about us?

Please do not misunderstand. None of the administrators of this event are anti-beauty products. Actually all of us use them every day and for the most part enjoy their effects. However, we want to make the point that we are just as beautiful without them.

Men, you are welcome to "attend" this event and not use any kinds of products as well. It is specifically geared towards women but we would really appreciate your support. We would love it if the guys on campus stood with us in agreement that we are just as beautiful naturally.

Depending on the response we get for this event, it could potentially be huge. That would be so amazing. Please invite all your friends, guys and girls and spread the word. On December 2nd, 2009 the Women of Texas A&M will declare that they are beautiful, exactly the way they are.
As a husband, a father, a brother, and a son I say - you go girls!
The picture is of my youngest daughter and I soon after she was born.  She is beautiful from the moment of her creation and will never stop being beautiful.

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