Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anglicans and the Catholic Church

NOTE - last updated on Oct 21 at 4:49 pm.

The Vatican has created a new structure that allows for disaffected Anglicans to join the Catholic Church and keep much of what makes Anglican worship distinct and have their own bishops and priests (who can marry) which oversee the governance of the group.

Here is more info on the news.  This really is the biggest Catholic news since Benedict XVI was elected pope.

**The official release 
From the Vatican:

**Fr. Dwight Longenecker is a Catholic priest who was previously an Anglican.  He asks "
what will the Anglican response be?"  That really is the $1 million question isn't it?

Inside the Vatican Magazine has a lot of good information.  Robert Moynihan has some good insights, including the strange way the information was released.  It points to some major changes starting in Rome.

**Phil Lawler has more info on how this might be one of the
most media-savvy moments ever for the Vatican.

**Cardinal George,
head of the USCCB, has released a statement.

CNA story has some reactions from both sides.

Creative Minority Report is all over it, with timely updates.

Traditional Anglican Communion has a statement out that is very positive about it all.

Rocco also has details.

**As I said earlier, read these as well:
-Damian Thompson.
Ed Peters

**Thanks to
Thomas at AmP for the following videos.

Raw video of the press conference in London:

**A video from the Vatican's YouTube channel.

**Fr. Rutler, another former Anglican, has a frank analysis of the situation, to say the least.

**Deacon Keith Fournier says it is a "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

**Overseas, the BBC has pretty straightforward information on it all.

**The AP article makes it out to be a conservative vs. liberal item, as does the National Catholic Reporter (no surprise there).  Unfortunately, that is not the way we should look at this at all.  It is about unity in truth, which transcends political affiliations.

UPDATE #2 - 
**John Allen gives some insights. He is very well connected.

**America Magazine tells us "history is being made" and I couldn't agree more.

**Get Religion says the plan has a long history.  More than most of us thought.

**Damian Thompson has the inside scoop on how this is going down in the UK.  Spoiler - the Anglicans are not happy at all.

**The Anchoress is all over it.

UPDATE #3 - 
**Sherry at Intentional Disciples has some important comments about the evangelical side of the Anglican communion.  She reminds us that the Anglo-Catholics are #3 after the liberals and evangelicals, neither of whom want anything to do with Rome.

UPDATE #4 - 
**Fr. Longenecker is raising some very good questions and has some cautions for us.
     -He warns us of the risks involved in tossing aside debate/discussion on ecumenism as it has been done.
     -Here are some of the potential hurdles and issues.

**For a very unique perspective, you should read Fr. Christopher George Phillips' blog.  He is the pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement Church in San Antonio.  This is one of the few Catholic Anglican-use parishes around.

**Great summary video.

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