Monday, September 28, 2009

Support a Catholic Speaker

Matt at Fallible Blogma (among other initiatives) has compiled the data from the Catholic Speaker 2009 poll. I finished in 40th place, which is not shabby at all when you consider the heavyweights in it.

Now Matt is rolling out Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2009. I like this initiative and hope it gains some traction. Check it out.
The goal is to create a rising Catholic tide on the internet that lifts all boats (websites, speakers, and all those who participate). This giant, sudden influx of catholic material and interlinking between Catholic websites should get some attention and raise awareness about all of these great Catholic speakers while also promoting the many wonderful Catholic blogs out there that perhaps you haven’t heard of yet either.

The primary goal of our Favorite Catholic Speakers Poll of 2009 was not to find out who is better than somebody else. It was to raise awareness about the many Catholic Speakers out there and to support them. They are all sharing the same, one Truth. And as talented and effective as the top favorites are at doing what they do, we need many more like them if we’re going to reach everyone.

That’s precisely the motivation for Support a Catholic Speaker Month. Read more or get involved.

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