Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians

Fr. Landry, of the Fall River Diocese, has a very insightful editorial (sept 11) which looks critically at the Bishops' policy of the US Bishops in dealing with pro-abortion Catholics. Here is a snip.
When we examine the education-alone approach of pastors with respect to pro-choice politicians, we see that it has basically become a personally opposed, publicly pro-choice position with regard to them. There’s obviously a clear personal repugnance on the part of pastors to the prochoice Catholic politicians’ separation between faith and moral action, schizophrenia between private and public personality, and lip service to the Church’s teachings. Many pastors have sought to exercise their teaching office, stating forthrightly what abortion is and what the responsibilities of all legislators are with respect to it. All of their teaching, however, has been trumped by the weightier educational value of the de facto “law” that has left everything to the conscience, however ill-informed, of the pro-choice Catholic politicians. These men and women have learned over time that, regardless of what canon law says, they are at liberty to ignore the Church’s teachings on life.

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