Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pro-Environment and Anti-Child?

A few people in the radical environmentalist movement have been advocating small families for a while now. But, the drum beat is gaining strength and we need to fight back. They have now started to suggest that science backs them.
"In discussions about climate change, we tend to focus on the carbon emissions of an individual over his or her lifetime," said study team member Paul Murtaugh. "Those are important issues and it's essential that they should be considered. But an added challenge facing us is continuing population growth and increasing global consumption of resources."

Reproductive choices haven't gained as much attention in the consideration of human impact to the Earth, Murtaugh said. When an individual produces a child - and that child potentially produces more descendants in the future - the effect on the environment can be many times the impact produced by a person during their lifetime.
Here is a simple fact - the earth was made for us, not us for the earth. We must be good
stewards of the earth, but one human person is greater than all of the rest of creation. "Reproductive choices" should not be made based upone our carbon footprint, but the will of God and the prudence of the married couple (hopefully).

Environmentalism has quickly become the new god of our culture.

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Monica Edith said...

The Movie "Demographic Winter" Trailer is on Youtube,

It looks pretty good. It's about the shrinking population of developed countries.

On the carbon emissions issue, more and more renowned scientists are saying that based on science, population is not a factor.
Of course we should be good stewards of the earth God created. But that doesn't mean accepting the falsehoods that are promoted for reasons of greed, and control.

"Reproductive choice" is code for "killing infants". With every abortion, there are two victims, the mother and the child. Women have been deceived by lies:
"If it's legal, it must be moral."
"It's only tissue, you will expel."
Science says otherwise. Papa BXVI says otherwise.
We must stand tall, arm in arm for our Catholic faith. And the more Aggie babies the better!