Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Texas A&M Rankings

The Princeton Review annually ranks universities and colleges in different categories through surverys given to students. While the merits of such rankings can certainly be debated, they do sell a lot of magazines and also push college administrators to aim for the "good" rankings. Here are the categories that Texas A&M found itself in this year.
Texas A&M University Rankings:
#1 Most Conservative Students
#5 Best College Newspaper (in terms of popularity)
#6 Best Athletic Facilities
#13 Most Religious Students
#14 Students Pack the Stadiums
#14 Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution
#15 Alternative Lifestyles Not an Alternative
#16 Jock Schools
#19 Class Discussions Rare
I don't think the rankings are accurate in several categories (e.g., while there is a definitive conservative base, the #1 status it is more by reputation than reality - there are much smaller private Catholic and Christian schools that are more conservative).

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Jeremy Poole said...

The survey was limited to the "top" 371 colleges, so some of the smaller schools were probably not surveyed. Also, be careful assuming that the small Catholic schools are more conservative, unfortunatly Catholic academia can be a little.... let's say misguided a lot of the time.

Thanks for sharing the survey, love the blog

Jeremy Poole '02