Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pray for Persecuted Christians

Christians are persecuted throughout the world. But, certain countries are worse than others - some include - Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Cuba, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and many others.

Here is one story out of Vietnam that highlights some persecution of the Catholics there.
HANOI, Vietnam, JULY 28, 2009 ( Catholics organized protests in several Vietnamese cities after two priests and other laypeople were savagely beaten by police and thugs.

AsiaNews reported today that Father Paul Nguyen Dinh Phu and Father Peter Nguyen The Binh are in critical condition after the attacks.
The former has broken ribs and head injuries, and the latter was beaten into a coma and then thrown from a 2nd floor window.

The Diocese of Vinh released a statement condemning the police violence against the priests and other Catholics over the past week.

On July 20, hundreds of Catholics were attacked at the church of Tam Toa, where they had gathered to erect a cross and altar.

The 120-year-old church, damaged after an American bombing in 1968, was seized in 1996 by the government to create a "U.S. war crimes memorial."

The people were too poor to rebuild their church immediately, but they still regard it as the seat of their parish and come together there for ceremonies.

After repeated requests for the return of the land, Bishop Paul-Marie Cao Dinh Thuyen of Vinh celebrated a Feb. 2 Mass at the parish, which was attended by 14 priests and thousands of faithful.

Last week, when the faithful gathered again to bring a cross and an altar, police launched tear gas bombs at them, and then began to beat them with sticks and stun guns.

Many were injured, and others were carried away in police vans.
Lord have mercy!

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