Wednesday, July 15, 2009


*No way around it. If you are a Catholic and if you are part of the Obama administration, you are pro-abortion. No suprise then that the surgeon general nominee is a pro-abortion Catholic. AmP has the full scoop.

*Then there is the double-standard of confirmation hearings for a faithful Catholic judge and a dissenting Catholic judge.

*Then there is the "science czar" who advocated forced abortions and population control.

*In more derpressing news, a well-known British musician and conductor killed himself alongside his wife in a Swiss suicide clinic. The article I read this morning is outrageously zealous about how wonderful it all was. A quick reminder that killing yourself is not "humane" or "good". When an individual is in enough of a bad spot that they want to kill themselves, they need better treatment, not to be put down like an animal.

*To balance it all out, here is another great video by CatholicVote.

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