Tuesday, June 2, 2009


*Time cannot picture the Catholic Church as anything but a political party. They don't grasp the true nature of the Catholic Church, but I am not suprised. If they need help, think of us more as a diverse family than a political party.

*As suspected, the killer of George Tiller (the abortionist) is quite the loony. Expect the media to start to make other pro-lifers out to be just as dangerous - because the pro-abortion folks already have.

*It seems the beatification of JPII may be held up for a while.

*The "missing link" is not a missing link.

*One Vatican official is lamenting the low number of Catholics going to confession. That isn't a problem here at St. Mary's. We have 9 times for confession scheduled every week and it isn't unusual to have lines so long that not everyone gets in.

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