Tuesday, June 30, 2009

News and Such...

*Jack Scarisbrick lists the five homilies he would like to hear. He should just hang out at St. Mary's more, I have heard every single one of these over the past three years I have been back in Aggieland.

*Deal Hudson gives us some good news on our bishops. Lucky me - I already knew it.

*Jeff Miller has a great argument on why the pro-abortion movemenent is anti-child. Sad but true.

*Maybe this new technology that models in-utero children will help them see the truth.

*We can't forget the abortion politics and how the plan that the White House has to "dial down" the abortion wars in order to have compromise.

*I loved Dr. Ed Peters when I had him as a prof and I still love reading his commentary. He hits this one out of the park.

*Rocco found a nice pic of Archbishop Aymond getting the pallium.

*It is the last day to vote in the Catholic New Media Awards.

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