Monday, June 22, 2009

Archbishop Aymond's Farewell

From Archbishop Aymond:
I will be in Rome to receive the Pallium from Pope Benedict XVI from Thursday, June 25 to Wednesday, July 1. Please be assured that I will remember the clergy, religious and laity at Mass and as I visit the tomb of Pope John Paul II.

It will be hard to leave Central Texas, and I will always hold you in my heart.

July/August Schedule
My schedule for July and August 2009 is as follows.
July 3-10, I will be on retreat.
July 11, I will return to Austin.
July 12-August 14, I will fulfill all pastoral committments that are scheduled.
August 15, I will leave for New Orleans.
August 20, I will be installed as the Archbishop of New Orleans.

After Aug. 15, pastors are delegated for the celebration of the sacrament of confirmation in their respective parishes. I suggest the scheduled date be maintained and the pastor or his delegate celebrate the sacrament of confirmation. Obviously, I will not be able to fulfill any appointments and events scheduled after Aug. 14.

More information to come
I will schedule four "Masses of Thanksgiving" throughout the Diocese and a farewell to my brother priests. More information on those events will be forthcoming.

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