Tuesday, May 5, 2009

News and More

Some of these items may qualify as "news", while others may not:

**Today is Cinco de Mayo. Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us.

**Three more Bishops have come out against Obama speaking at Notre Dame. More than 1/3 of the US Bishops have said it is a bad decision and that Notre Dame should not have invited him. Not a single bishop has supported the invite. That is telling.

**The Israeli president has urged the government to cede several Christian sites to the Vatican. I like this idea and hope it happens.

**Bullying is a bad thing. That being said, not everything needs to be made illegal, especially when there are ulterior motives. The Catholic bishops of North Carolina have a problem with a bullying bill because of some of the language in it. They wrote:
We agree that bullying or harassment based on gender identity and sexual orientation is reprehensible and should not be tolerated. However, there is also a highly problematic consequence to the inclusion of these two specific differentiating characteristics should it become law. In three states that have a law similar to SB526, the law was used as part of a lawsuit to persuade a judge or court to mandate same-sex marriage. We believe the passage of SB526 into law could be the precursor of actions by our legislature and/or our courts to mandate same-sex marriage in our state because it has occurred already in three other states.
**Fertility is a curse and we need to cure it. At least that is the way our modern culture sees it. That is why the Chinese have developed a male contraceptive. The Bible thinks that fertility is a blessing - in every case - but apparently our modern culture thinks the Bible is wrong.

**One of the human rights that is commonly forgotten, even by US foreign policy, is the freedom of religion. But, it is the most fundamental of all rights. Nine Muslim countries join 4 others in commonly violating this right.

**Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. President Obama will sign a proclamation about the day, but not hold a prayer event. I don't know why this is suprising to some.

**Pope Benedict is going to Israel for peace:

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