Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missing Link

In an amazing discovery of a new fossil, scientists say they have found the "missing link" of evolution.

What one should not conclude from a find like this is that the fossil makes Darwin's theory of evolution complete in all of it's variants. This is because Darwin's theory, as a scientific theory, is one thing. But, Darwin's theory as a philosophical model of human origins is another. What do I mean by this?

Science cannot prove that man has an eternal soul, nor can it disprove it.
Science cannot prove that man's origins came from the hand of a providential God, nor can it disprove it.

Science can only answer certain question about nature, not spirit. The limitations of science should not be broadened to include eternity, spirit, and philosophy - all because a monkey lemur fossil is found. An amazing find like this should not be made a pawn in a game of "I told you so" by atheists who want so badly to be right.

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