Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Amy Welborn is posting about evangelization often right now. I highly recommend her blog, esp. this series of posts she is doing. We need to do more work as evangelists individually and as a Church - it is who we are.

As the Archbishop of Valencia, Spain tells us in this interview - evangelization is uber-important.

In an interview with Religion Digital, the archbishop said, “What concerns me is that we Christians understand that it continues to be true that evangelization constitutes the joy and vocation of the Church and her most profound identity. For the Church exists to evangelize, to preach and to teach, in order to be a channel of the gift of grace, to reconcile mankind with God, to perpetuate the sacrifice of Christ.”

The great concern of the Church should be to recover the enthusiasm of the proclamation, knowing where she stands and the difficulties she faces, without shrinking from difficulties or constantly crying about it,” he added.

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