Tuesday, April 28, 2009

17 Years

At 17 years old you can NOT:
  • Drink alcohol
  • Vote
  • Sign for a loan
  • Buy cigarettes
  • Join the military without parental consent
At 17 you CAN:
I don't think that smoking cigarettes is nearly as bad a decision as killing your baby and not having to tell anyone about it. Esp. when the side-effects are so dangerous.


Rachel said...

Plan B does not "kill your baby". It works to either prevent or delay ovulation, or affect the movement of egg or sperm so they they do not meet. Once the egg is fertilized and implanted the morning after pill does nothing. It will not affect pregnancy, only prevent it. It is not an over the counter abortion pill.

Marcel said...

Rachel - read the insert. Chemical abortions can be caused by Plan B. By making the uterus uninhabitable the woman's body flushes out the fertilized egg and aborts the baby - because of the drug. This is the same thing that many contraceptives do.