Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Victims of Abortion

The number of victims of abortion grows daily. Dawn Eden has a sobering story of a disabled woman's abortion. The blogger who originally posted the story opines about how hopeful she is about the future of our country:
All I know is I can't wait for a day when our national health care policy and our leadership can find a solution so that no woman's unplanned pregnancy creates this kind of crisis. After eight years of the Bush Presidency can you even imagine a world where women and mothers get their basic medical needs met? One week to go until a leadership change. Godspeed, President Obama!
If this is not the kind of future you are waiting for - one where abortion on demand is funded by taxpayers and has no kind of restrictions - then you need to stand up and be heard. We need to fight FOCA now!

If you aren't already doing it - you should start the FOCA novena with those of us already doing it.

Lord have mercy on a society that would allow others to kill the most innocent and helpless.
Pray for those injured by abortion. If you have ever been a victim of abortion or participated in one, there is hope for healing.

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