Friday, December 5, 2008

New Orthodox Primate of America

Rocco has an interesting tale of the newest Primate of the Orthodox Church of America. The new Bishop formerly an Episcopalian, became Orthodox, then ordained a priest and became a monk. He was ordained a bishop at 47 and 11 days later named as primate of all America. WOW!

They sure are wanting to shaking things up in the OCA. He has given a couple of moving presentations about reform, conversion and discipleship. Here is one that shook things up.

Can you imagine going from being a monk - to bishop - to primate in a few day?

He also lists campus ministry as a priority.
On his 12th day as a bishop, he found himself delivering an address on his “vision for the church.” The new Metropolitan Jonah stressed college ministry, calling for Orthodox housing facilities and evangelistic ministries near as many campuses as possible, to help students living in “Animal House” conditions rooted in “sex, drugs, alcohol and despair.”
On a related note, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexi II died.

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