Monday, December 8, 2008

Communion From Priest Only?

Q - Is it wrong for me to want to only receive communion from a priest? Am I being too scrupulous?

A - Thanks for the question. There is no Church law which says you must receive Communion from an extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. So, you are free to receive only from priest if you so choose.

That being said, I would offer a bit of advice for you.
  1. Make sure your focus is on the one who is truly doing the ministering and the one who is offering the sacrifice you receive - Christ. Not the human in front of you. During Mass the priest does act in persona Christi, but you don't go to Communion for the man, but Christ.
  2. If your conscience is bothering you I suggest you take this to confession or spiritual direction. It is not a major matter, but their guidance can help you.
  3. Scrupulosity in liturgical matters can keep us from truly entering into the Mass, so I am glad to see you have the right attitude about addressing it, but you shouldn't worry about this too much.

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Aggie said...

Howdy! I also choose to receive only from the priest, when I can. (Sometimes--depending on the layout of a church--I realize it will create too much confusion either in the communion line or in getting back to my pew so I will receive from a Eucharistic minister.) There is nothing wrong with receiving from a Eucharistic minister; however, my personal feeling, and how I was raised by my parents, is that I would rather receive from the *consecrated hands* of a priest. It's just a preference to receive from the representative of Christ if I can, although the Sacrament is the same, regardless.

Hope that helps. Gig 'em and God bless!