Thursday, November 27, 2008

Random Things to Pray About

*Our President and other leaders.
It seems that Obama is filling his cabinet with radically pro-abortion friends. Take for instance the new Director of Communications. She once ran EMILY's List which gives support to electing pro-choice women.

*Our Bishops.
I would hate to be a Bishop. So many responsibilities and so many mistakes you can make. But, it is good when one says "I am sorry", as Bishop Corrada from Tyler did.
Soon the CDF will be releasing a new document on bioethics. I can't wait for this one.

*For an end to abortion.
It isn't going away soon, but hearts can be changed. When money is worshipped, like it is at Planned Parenthood, you can understand why someone would buy a gift certificate to a PP clinic.

*Persecuted Christians.
In India, the attacks continue.

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EbethW said...

We really need to pray for all the future "holy Innocents" thanks to the incoming administration. Scary indeed!

May you have a holy and blessed Advent season,