Monday, November 24, 2008

New World Order

A Vatican official says that a New World Order is taking hold and that it is based on relativism. I agree somewhat with the premise, and that the answer is found in evangelization by laity to laity.

I also hadve two immediate thoughts whenever I hear the phrase, "New World Order".

1 - Black helicopters, conspiracy theories, assassins, etc.
2 - This stuff:

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tour86rocker said...

My computer runs a bit slow, so I had time to guess what number two was going to be. I was already laughing by the time the YouTube frame materialized.

If only the New World Order would be so blatant and attention grabbing...then EVERYBODY would see it coming! They keep a secret just too darned well. Take a page out of the script of the movie "Idiocracy" and elect a wrestler (as president of the world, in this case).

If they inaugurate their rule with some kind of juiced up wrestlemania-esque broadcast (*"oh yeah!!!"), they could entice a certain demographic to endure, nay, ENJOY (!) their re-education/indoctrination programming on their blocky, government-issued televisions.

*apparently the author of this post thinks Kool-Aid Man was in ye olde WWF