Monday, November 17, 2008

Colbert At His Best

Tip O' the Hat to several people at St. Mary's who told me about this. It is greatnessitous, which means extra special greatness.


tour86rocker said...

I'm almost 100% certain that pollution as a cardinal sin is not from the Pope. I recall a Cardinal in the Vatican saying so. Next, another reporter was saying that "The Vatican" says so. Now they're claiming it's the Pope who said it?

It's like a bad game of "telephone"

John said...

Either, either. It was slight over characterization of the actuality. But realize that he also had Jesus with a gas leafblower. Let's get off the negative bus here. It's a good comedic moment. And yes, we have always been called to be good stewards of our gifts...and that includes the earth. Nothing's changed.

Colbert was wonderfully funny in the overall piece. And rather clean about it, too. Good comedy.