Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Book To Avoid

Have you ever heard of "Conversations With God"? It is one of the most frightening books on the youth market today (he also has books for adults). Concerned Women for America, in 2002, came out with a long article detailing some of the problems with the book. Here are a few exerpts - with "God" giving the answers:

Why does God permit evil in the world?

“When I created life as you know it, I did so by simply separating myself into countless smaller parts of me. This is another way of saying that you were made ‘in the image and likeness of God.’ Now because God is The Creator, that means that all of you are creators, too. … Obedience is not creation. It is an act of subservience, not an act of power. God is not subservient to anyone, and since you are a part of God, you are, by nature, not subservient to anyone, either. … Teenagers know this more than anyone.” (pp. 12-13)

“You think you have been born in Original Sin, and you believe this. I tell you now that you have been born in Original Power” (p. 37). “This power is not just what you have, it is what you ARE. You have, and are, the power to create.” (p. 38)

“Life is not a process of discovery. It is a process of creation. You are not learning Who You Are, you are recreating Who You Are, by remembering all that you have always known, and choosing what you now wish to experience of your Self.” (p.42)

It is almost laughable how bad it is.

Why do my parents freak out about sex? My God, they freak out. — Susan, 14, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“Mostly, your parents ‘freak out’ about sex because their parents ‘freaked out’ about sex. And, their parents freaked out about sex because their parents freaked out about sex. It’s been going on this way now for hundreds of years. Not everywhere. Not in all places, nor in all cultures. There are cultures on your planet in which sex is not seen as anything shameful or embarrassing or as something to be concealed and not talked about and to be ‘done’ in hiding. Yet in the largest number of places it is seen as exactly that.

“Most humans are even ashamed of their own bodies. Or they are simply scared of them. And so they make absolutely certain that they are covered up, and then they actually pass laws requiring them to be. And why? Because most humans are afraid of what will happen if they see each other naked.” (pp. 92-93)

But why? How did it get to be that way?

“Somewhere along the way, many humans convinced themselves that most anything ‘good’ is ‘bad’ for them, and that it is in combating their desires and denying them, that they please God. Somewhere along the way, they created the idea that passion for earthly things denies them heavenly things.” (p. 94)

“…Simple nakedness is now called ‘immodesty.’” (p. 97)

So what is the purpose of sex? — Richard, 14, Miami, Florida (also asked by many others).

“You must declare that for yourself. Everything in life has the purpose you give it. I do not give things in life purpose. I have only given a purpose to life itself. It is the purpose of life to provide you with an opportunity to announce and declare, create and experience, express and fulfill Who You Really Are.” (p. 99)

How many things did "God" redefine? Relativism is alive!

How soon is too soon? I’ve read in some societies people do it when they are 12!

“There is no prescribed time for sexual initiation and sexual activity. It is different from culture to culture and from person to person. (p. 105)

“….You know that you are already ‘having sex’ every day. Sexual energy is exchanged between people from the moment they meet. … Masters are those who have come to a deep awareness of all this, and it is in and from this essential essence that they live and move and have their Being. When you experience S-E-X with a Master, you know it. (pp. 108, 110)

“There are no ‘bad’ people and no ‘bad’ things, only people and things that you have called ‘bad.’” (p. 117)

That’s the same thing.

“To you it is. To me, it isn’t.”

Now what does that mean?

“It means that we have different values. It means we have different understandings. It means that you have made judgments, and I don’t make judgments.”

You mean, you really do not judge? You forgive everyone, no matter what the sin? — Lily, Miami, Florida

“I do not forgive anyone. That is the first thing you must understand about me. I will not forgive you, ever, for anything that you do. Once you are clear about this, you will have a new understanding of God, and you will be able to interact with me in a whole different way. I do not forgive anyone because there is nothing to forgive.” (p. 118, italics in original)

Remember - the answers are supposed to come from God. I don't know the god who answers the questions above with those answers.

The author of these books is a fallen-away Catholic. Who found the following about religion, when he was 15:

He noticed that when people got involved in religion they seemed less joyful and more angry, exhibiting behaviors of prejudice and separateness. Neale concluded that the collective experience of theology was not positive.

He now spreads his message through the ReCreation Foundation and the School of The New Spirituality.

Please pray for him and his followers.

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