Friday, September 5, 2008

St. Mary's Plugged on Catholic Answers Live

Curtis Martin, who is the founder/president of FOCUS, was on Catholic Answers Live and plugged St. Mary’s. You can listen by clicking here.

He says about 1/3 of the way through that there are some great Catholic colleges and Newman centers at public schools that don’t have FOCUS but are doing a great job. He mentions St. Thomas Aquinas College, Franciscan, and Texas A&M.

Then about ¾ of the way through he talks to someone again about A&M. The callers’ son left the Church while at A&M. So, before answering how to work on having him come back to the faith he says (I am paraphrasing):

“tip of the hat to Texas A&M, Fr. Sis and Fr. Konderla are doing such a great work- they are one of the best Newman Centers in the country. FOCUS is not there. They are doing great work and we are not the only show in town. We just want to do all we can, so I want to thank them for all they are doing.”

Then the very next caller has a cousin who is coming to A&M. She asks what advice he would have for her cousin going off to school.

“The exciting thing about Texas A&M…is that you can plug them in. There is a great priest at Texas A&M. My advice would be, even if you have to get in the car. Make that your tithe to go and introduce him to Fr. Colangelo (correct - Fr. David Konderla) at Texas A&M. Let him know that there is a vibrant campus ministry there.”

He then finishes with:

“If you go to Texas A&M – St. Mary’s is the Church. I was down there with my son who is a senior to look at the school, because of our respect for it. Even though FOCUS isn’t there.”

Curtis is a great guy. I have had the pleasure of meeting him several times and we talk once in a while. I got to take him and his son on a tour of St. Mary's and they were very impressed with all we have here.

He did say “Texas Station” instead of College Station and he massacred Fr. David's name, but all in all, very nice free publicity.


Geoff said...

It's not just Curtis either, I've had the opportunity to meet few dozen FOCUS missionaries and many of them asked me about St. Mary's; they're very interested in this ministry. They're some of the most beautiful, luminous people I've met in my life and I have to say kudos to them and the work they do!

I wish more Aggies had availed themselves of the opportunity to attend the FOCUS conference in Dallas earlier this year; it's going to be some time until such an amazing opportunity presents itself again. Many of us don't have the means to go to World Youth Day and the like and major Catholic young adult conferences don't drop on our doorstep like that often.

Geoff said...

A fun anecdote: Mr. Martin might have gotten the name "Texas Station" from a restaurant at the resort center in Grapevine that the FOCUS Leadership conference was held at. I remembered it when my head popped up from its pillow the other day.

I have no idea where the name "Corangelo" might have come from, though!

Julie said...

I was listening to this Catholic Answers podcast on Saturday while trying to make it through a 5 mile run...and all the talk of St. Mary's made me so excited. Thanks for all you are doing down there, and how you've grown the ministry since I graduated 8 years ago. Many of the students from A&M have become active members in our young adult ministries in Dallas, and we are all appreciative of our foundation from St. Mary's and A&M!