Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prayer Request

If you didn't know, Texas A&M-Galveston has moved their entire operation here to College Station for the semester. This means that if you are a student at A&M-Galveston, you have to find a place to live in a different city, start taking classes at a strange school, etc.

Furthermore, they are behind and will have to cram the schedule. Then on top of it all, the University ran out of class space and they are using our building (St. Mary's) as well as a few other non-A&M buildings to hold classes.

Please pray for these displaced students, faculty, and staff who have so much of a burden to carry.

The A&M-Galveston Catholic campus minister is without a school to minister to (in his own diocese), so we are trying to work together to serve these students. Prayers are appreciated.

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