Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prayer Request - Hurricane Ike

The new forecast models have Hurricane Ike going almost directly over College Station. So, please pray for our safety. Also, with the move northward (toward Houston) we will be seeing a large number of evacuees come into town. Evacuations are being ordered, some mandatory, and we could have more than 1 million people moving inland.

We already have hotels full and shelters are starting to see people. We currently have 20 disabled people and their caregivers at St. Mary's. There is a chance we could have many more.

We need your prayers and so do those fleeing their homes in the wake of this storm. Pray hard!

BTW - if you want to follow the storm, one of the best sites to do so is

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chris said...

please pray God will heal my head from claustrophobia and anxiety and all mental problems so I can lay down and rest easily and be able to lay back without that terrible feeling please pray my mom will be happy and healthy thank you!