Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Preparations

Here are some great suggestions. Tip O' The Hat to Mark for the email:

We should still expect the possibility of high winds, heavy rain, and possible power outages. Also, expect higher numbers at stores, restaurants and gas stations because of the high number of evacuees in town.

With coastal refugees in the area, the cell services can easily become overloaded. We have found that text messaging will still work when the cell systems are out.

If you have satellite service instead of cable, the storms will likely obscure reception. We use an old fashioned TV antenna to receive stations for news.

Remember the warnings that you have heard in the past about downed power lines, be careful before letting the kids out of the house.

Pull out board games and make plans for Monopoly tournaments, Pictionary contests, or backgammon games. Make it a fun time with prizes to keep kids and adults distracted.

plan some fun meals and keep atmosphere festive or adventurous for the kids to keep anxiety in check.

During the threat of hurricane Rita, many gas stations along the bypass ran out of fuel. If you haven't already topped off your tanks and find yourself looking for fuel, try the gas stations in the middle of town.

If someone in your family has prescription medication, make sure you have enough to get through the middle of next week. If power lines are damaged locally, many businesses will not be open.

If the power goes out and you use a camp stove or Coleman lantern, use them outside.

Take time today to do your preparation.

Review your emergency procedures with family and loved ones.

Re-stock emergency provisions.

Keep your vehicle topped off with fuel, oil, and water.

Bring in or secure all patio or lawn furniture, yard equipment and toys.

Make provisions for protection of pets

Replace those dead batteries in your flashlight and re-charge all your re-chargeable batteries.

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