Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday's Catholic Randomness

*Cardinal Kaspar, not generally known for having a direct approach to ecumenical issues, laid it on the line to the Anglicans about the problem with homosexual practices and the detrimental effect it is having on Christian unity.

*Bush is going to Church while in China. I think it is a great way to make a statement about the lack of political and religious freedoms there.

*A Brazilian liberation theologian, Leonardo Boff, says the former-bishop and now president-elect of Paraguay will implement liberation theology into his policies. Let us hope not - because Marxist policies have never worked and are devoid of God and true social . If you don't know anything about radical liberation theology and the problems with it, I suggest this article.

*Two Bishops have openly criticized two articles by Catholic theologians who were arguing for exceptions to the Church's guidelines on end-of-life nutrition and hydration regulations.

*Good article on why the Church condemns torture.

*If you want to hear a great homily on Humanae Vitae and contraception, then give this one a go. Tip O' the hat to the Curt Jester.

*The Catholic Carnival is up.

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