Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pope Reaches out to Anglicans Wanting to Come to Rome

This is a huge step that will bring many Anglicans to Rome.

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Geoff said...

Whoop! This is great news! We need to pray for these people, and for OUR people, that we all receive them warmly and understandingly.

As for the conversion of their Priests and Bishops, some of these men will be ordained as Catholic priests, and some of them will be married. I've heard stories of gross intolerance perpetrated against such men as these and education might be necessary in deaneries and dioceses where we welcome them.

I remember reading the story of an Episcopalian bishop who converted to the Catholic church, accepted ordination as a priest, and was faced with so much hostility that he unhappily converted back. My retelling doesn't do the man justice and I wish I could find his story.

Similarly, the Catholic bishops of England are currently considered hostile by some to converting Anglicans, whether they are clergy or laypeople (compared to twenty years ago when at least 600 Anglican clergy converted). This is sort of a mystery to me.

Back in the early days of the US, Eastern Catholics weren't treated very understandingly, and 15 parishes converted to Russian Orthodoxy because of the hostility they faced from their supposed Catholic brethren toward their married priests and other venerable and ancient traditions.

I just really hope that we American Catholics will be prepared to accept these both converted clergymen and converted laypeople.

In some ways I don't think that we've progressed far beyond the days of Fr. Alexis Toth's departure (see link below) so I guess what I'll stick with is: let us all pray.