Friday, June 6, 2008

Priest elected to serve as UN General Assembly President

Interesting development at the United Nations. A priest was elected to serve as the president to the General Assembly. While the powers of this position are limited, it is very significant that a priest has taken over.

In accepting the position, he already started a controversy in his acceptance speech:
They elected a priest. And I hope no one is offended if I say that love is what is most needed in this world. And that selfishness is what has gotten us into the terrible quagmire in which the world is sinking, almost irreversibly, unless something big happens. This may sound like a sermon. Well, OK.
Then goes on to cause the problems with this:
The behavior of some member states has caused the United Nations to lose credibility as an organization capable of putting an end to war and eradicating extreme poverty from our planet.
He didn't name names, but it is obvious he is talking about the USA. But, I think there are a few other problems than what the US diplomats pointed out.
1 - The UN is to blame for most of it's problems. It doesn't enforce it's own resolutions and is as bureaucratically inept as any other organization on earth.
2 - The policies of the UN have never been able to solve much of any problems. They still support abortion on demand and have an agenda that is God-less.
3 - Yes, member states like the US have done some bad things, but the USA isn't the only one to make mistakes. How about standing up to North Korea and other states?

So, I don't think laying the blame for the UN's ineptitude at the doorstep of "member nations" is a good first step. Maybe I am wrong.

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