Tuesday, May 13, 2008

-Tuesday Tidbits-

*One of the few politicians that I still think has a good head on his shoulders is Senator Sam Brownback. A Catholic convert, he raises issues of justice that few Republicans would touch, such as slavery. Now, he is fighting the marriage penalty that the poor have built into our system. Good for him.

*Blaming poverty and other problems on the Catholic Church's doctrine is easy. But, assigning blame to corrupt governments, bad policy decisions, greed and the real root of the issue is harder, because then we have to look in the mirror, because we are the ones with the wealth.

*Designer babies? Yes, they are here.

*The Pope's visit was a success. But, will it last?

*Pray for the Chinese that are suffering from the earthquake and for other people around the globe from natural disasters.

*The Supreme Court has denied a request for asylum by the husband of a woman who was forced to abort her baby in China. Land of the free?

*ABC is showing the first gay "wedding" on TV and the call it progress.

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