Thursday, May 29, 2008

Same Sex Marriage or Civil Unions?

In a masterful unmasking of the arguments for civil unions of homosexual couples, one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Roback Morse, shows that that ultimate victim may be society itself. Here is a snip, though I recommend the article in its entirety.
The freight train of same sex marriage will not stop at the station called simple “equality.” The legal equivalence of same sex couples with opposite sex couples means that marriage will no longer be society’s most reliable method of attaching mothers and fathers to their children and to each other. Marriage will become a gender-neutral creation of the state, which actively detaches children from at least one of their parents. Parentage will not flow automatically from the marital union, but will have to be assigned by the state. The final stop on this train is the complete de-gendering of society, along with the continual incursion of the state into civil society.

The state must hold that mothers and fathers are completely interchangeable. Biological parents married to each other become officially equivalent to one parent plus their lover. The state will be indifferent as to whether children have any connection with their biological parents.
The kicker is this:
This ruling gives the electorate the chance to gain genuine clarity from the candidates. The “I oppose same sex marriage, but favor civil unions,” position is the equivalent of “I’m personally opposed to abortion but support your right to have one.” It is a cowardly subterfuge that should no longer fool anyone.

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Justin C said...

I agree completely, the slopes are getting very slippery. Question is, how can we stop this from happening and furthermore how can we bring this issues to light so voters are not so apathetic and will not let these social dilemmas creep through the back door?