Friday, September 14, 2012

Dunking Your Ring

There are quite a few Aggie Traditions that all Aggies are proud of. They include:
But, there is one unofficial tradition that stands out on a day like today (when many students are receiving their class rings) - "dunking" your ring in a pitcher of beer and then chugging it. Regardless of the sinfulness of getting drunk intentionally, it is just not a wise or good thing to do and becomes an abuse of alcohol.

Because it isn't a good idea, St. Mary's wanted to provide an alternative. We started a new tradition of "dunking" your ring in holy water several years ago.

Texas A&M University loves it and had a story on it a few years ago in a news release. It was also picked up by the religion blogger for the Dallas Morning News.

We encourage all students who are getting their Aggie rings today to honor their time at Texas A&M by getting it blessed. to get it blessed means to set it aside for something holy. In other words, you are dedicating your ring to God's service. Every time you look at your ring you can then be thankful for your time at A&M and remember the gifts God has given you associated with your ring - ability to learn, your education, family, friends, etc.

Also, unlike dunking your ring in alcohol, it comes with:
UPDATE: We have been frequently asked if it would be wrong to put your ring in a glass of beer and drink it - without chugging the beer. There is no problem with doing so - as long as the person is over 21 and remains sober. The problem isn't with putting your ring in alcohol and drinking it. The problem is with abuse or alcohol.

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Joseph said...

This is neat, and a great idea. What a great tradition to start!