Monday, May 5, 2008

Monda Morning MishMash

*Interesting article from Time entitled, "Is Liberal Catholicism Dead?" It depends on what you mean. I don't like political labels such as 'conservative' and 'liberal' as applied to the Church. You are either in union with her or in dissent. But, the article doesn't eventually answer the question. So, I will. The experimenting with trying to change the divine nature of the Church and her priesthood, moral teachings and doctrines is a failed enterprise from the beginning. As would be any attempt to do so from any angle. The problems from the other side of the argument are doomed to fail also - those who are 'conservative' so much that they want to turn back the clockto the 50s and who don't believe Vatican II is valid. Both have the same problem - they don't like the authority to teach being in the hands of the Church's hierarchy. They want it for themselves and set themselves up as a counter-magisterium. Cardinal George had this one right in 1997.

*Speaking of Church authority, the Church has recognized another French Marian apparition.

*Catholic churches have been directed by the Vatican to not release baptismal records to Mormons. Good idea, because the Mormon "baptism of the dead" isn't a Christian practice.

*A German nun, Mother Rosa Flesch, has been beatified.

*Check out this great site (but take it with a grain of salt) - Stuff Catholics Like.

*Because he rocks - some Colbert for this morning.

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Geoff said...

Lamont was very subtle in it, but I heard her refer to God as female as well! And she's part of a named Christian denomination...Lord help us. Colbert did a good job of making her sound like a nutcase while pretending to help promote her book.