Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wed. Morning Stuff

Some Muslim scholars want to replace Greenwich Standard Time with Mecca Standard Time.
I don't think it will happen.

The Governor of Alaska gave birth to a baby with Down Syndrome, despite pressure to abort.

The Russian Orthodox Church is considering some strategery with the Catholic Church.

The rumors are starting to float that Cardinal Egan may leave NY soon.

Gross. Just. Gross.


Al said...

Regarding Sarah Palin, that's a great story. Fair or not, if there were more women in politics like that, and if one would run for president someday, it would do wonders for the pro-life cause, in my opinion. Not that I expect her personally to put her family through that (running for president) anytime soon.

Regarding the PETA test-tube meat thing, that might actually be the first worthwhile thing PETA has ever done. They aren't doing it for the right reasons, of course. But raising meat does take a lot of grain (which could be going to poor people instead) and some animals are treated cruelly in an effort to cut corners and make more profit. I'm hopeful that this effort succeeds, as it could potentially help make a dent in world hunger. Unless it would go against Catholic teaching somehow, in which case I wish you'd have explained that instead.

Marcel said...

The "ick" factor is what got me with test-tube meat. UG.