Saturday, March 15, 2008

Visiting Other Churches

Because I work at a parish, it is nice to be an anonymous Catholic once in a while. Today, while visiting family in San Antonio, we went to a parish that I have only been to a handful of times, St. Anthony. It is a nice parish in the Alamo Heights area, for those of you who know San Antonio. The liturgy was nicely done and the music was pretty good. But, I do have two observations.

1 - I can't really be too anonymous anywhere any more. I had a young man approach me after Mass and ask, "you are Marcel, aren't you"? Of course, I am. I found out he went to Texas Tech, but only for a short time before moving back to San Antonio. While there, he went to St. Elizabeth's once in a while, but enough to know who I was. I only thought I was going to Mass anonymously.

2 - We all know the "free us from all anxiety" prayer during Mass. Well, the presiding priest decided that we only need to have God "free us from all unnecassary anxiety." I wonder what necessary anxiety is, in light of Phil 4:4? There I go, with my stupid liturgy cop tendencies again. Sorry.

Now. Today is the feast of St. Joseph - which fathers, carpenters and a lot of Italians are happy about. But, it is also the moved celebration of St. Patrick - which Irish, want-to-be-Irish, and people who like green are happy about. Lastly, if you wait until toward the evening, it is the vigil of Palm Sunday. So, I propose we call today The feast of St. Joey Palmtrick. Stupid thought, isn't it?


Christine said...

that's an awesome thought. also, we could decorate the church with green as well as red, and it would look like christmas!

Ed said...

means only one thing then:

cornbeef and cabbage with meatballs
green beer and red wine
and of course zepole's topped with green cherries for dessert


Lindsay said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting the celebrant to actually read the words on the page of the Sacramentary. Cardinal Arinze thinks the same thing; I blogged about it here.