Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning Update

*Thou shall not pollute. Thou shall not clone. Thou shall not do research that kills babies.
Makes sense to me, but one of these things is not like the others. I hate it when lists of "sins" are put out without proper distinctions made. Such as this list of the new seven deadly sins. Some aren't even in the same category as others.

*PBXVI says that the Eucharist is the true fountain of youth and that "The only true medicine of immortality is the Eucharist, he said, and the certainty of being loved by God."

*I previously referenced the "art" at the University of Dallas that depicted Our Lady of Guadalupe as a stripper. It was stolen. Now the artist speaks out and has this to say:

"How do we know that an exotic dancer is sinful?" she said. "What if she has the best intentions and strives only to help those in need?

"Many single mothers are in this position and that is another reason why I chose to reference the Virgin Mary, because she was another woman who was in a tough position and probably received much criticism because of it."

How do we know that stripping is sinful? In and of itself it is degrading to the dignity of a human being to parade themselves in order to have others lust after you. Situational ethics and relativism don't work here - I learned this at the University of Dallas in grad school for theology. Unfortunately, the artist attends Murray State and situational ethics are probably much more common than natural law there.

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Sabine said...

Wow! The logic! One really doesn't need an advanced degree in theology (although that is awesome!)to see the rational just doesn't work. When she references helping those in need, who is she talking about? The "people" helped by the paycheck earned, the strip club business owner, the men who will have to find some sort of satisfaction for the feelings brought on by the strip act itself? Unbelievable....