Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Various Things

1 - Thanks for those that have nominated us for a Catholic Blog Award. If you think we are worthy, then we are humbled. We won't stoop so low as to beg for an award nomination, unless that is what I just did and if so, then ignore me.

2 - Please keep me (Marcel) in your prayers. Starting today, this will be my busiest week of the year. I have to teach Adult Faith Formation at St. Thomas tonight. Wake up at 4 AM for a flight to California, where I speak at the Temecula Catholic Speaker Series. Then catch a morning flight back on Friday. Saturday morning I am speaking at the Diocese of Austin Altar Servers' Recognition Day. Sunday I will be running a Half-Marathon in the morning and then speaking at a Catholic Voters' Coffee House. I will then summarily crash and burn at home.

Lucky for me, I have the most amazing wife alive. If you want a bald guy come speak to your group, then contact me or check out my personal website - but, don't ask for me to do something in the next week.

3 - If she is able Sarah will post some things while I am traveling. Which is an even better reason to keep checking back here.
UPDATE - Sarah is sick, so there may not be much posting until next week.

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