Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prayer Requests

-Please pray for the continued success of St. Mary's Catholic Center. We are truly blessed.

-Please pray for our staff as we spend a day working on teamwork.

-Please pray for our students, parishioners and benefactors.

-Please pray for those who are struggling mentally, spiritually, emotionally, relationally or physically.

-Please pray for the upcoming elections and wisdom.

-Please pray for a parishioner who is about to undergo open heart surgery. She is the mother of two small children and a good friend.

-Please pray for God to give me some energy. Starting tomorrow, I have four presentations on four of the next five days. They are in four different cities, in two different states and in addition, I am running a half-marathon on Sunday morning.

-Thank God for this Lenten season and thank you for your prayers.

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