Monday, February 25, 2008

Airline Evangelization - Part II

After writing the last post on airline evangelization, I got on the plane and got a seat upfront with a window. A 50-something woman sat in the aisle seat of my row, with nobody in between us. She pulled out this magazine/journal. I caught a glimpse of it and summarily looked to heaven and had a little conversation with God that went something like this:

Me - You are kidding me right?
God - Nope. You want to teach and talk about evangelization - well you need to evangelize now.
Me - Come on, she doesn't want to talk to me, she won't even look my way.
God - Do it anyway.
Me - Yes sir.

I then leaned over to the woman and asked what she was reading. She looked bothered by me asking, but tried to remain as polite as possible. She then handed me the magazine, I looked at it, choked down a few comments I wanted to make, handed it back to her, smiled and thanked her. I tried to start a conversation up with her, but to no avail. She wasn't biting. It may have been the picture of the Pope she saw on the desktop of my laptop or the book about the Catholic Church I was reading. Regardless, this opportunity God provided was more for me than her.

Apparently I wasn't the one to plant seeds this time. Rather, God was watering the seed of courage he planted in my soul. If I want to be an evangelist I have to do those things that I don't want to do - and I didn't want to talk to that woman. Thank God I did, because He is the one who gave me the grace to do so.

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